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Who We Are !

A smart-home doesn’t have to cost a fortune . Solusta Smart Home will provide you with the latest smart-home technology. We Work with you hand-in-hand as trusted partners to provide you with a proactive and hassle-free managed house. We can also offer you customized Smart-home solutions based on your need. We will hand you the full control over your smart-home on every possible aspect. Our teams are ready to help you promptly and effectively. We implement a cost-effective smart-home solution to address all your home needs.

Why do you need a Smart-Home?

Handling regular household tasks:

Turn on your AC while you're on the way home. Your Smart vacuum cleaner will clean your house for you when you are sleeping, and before you wake up, your coffee maker will prepare your coffee. All that at your fingertips, better more everything could be automated, and you don't have to press a button

Making the home more entertaining

Connected speakers to play music in multi-room
Voice control your smart TV

Better security and safety

Smart alarm systems that alert you about outsiders for your home to stay secure and safe or in case of water leaking it will quickly alert you whether you’re at home, the office, or away on vacation
smart door locks that offer both security and flexibility, letting you control access to your home with your phone

Most importantly Saving energy

By automatically turning off the devices that need to be turned off like AC and lights and with that you save money

Solusta Smart

It is the era of internet of things

Take the Advantage and have full control over your smart-home, office even when you are far away

with just your smart phone

Our Smart Home Ecosystem

Integrations and interoperability is the cornerstone for a successful ecosystem of connected smart-home hardware and software applications for the ideal smart apartment solution. We have carefully vetted and selected trusted and reliable third-party products .


  • Smart Household Products


    Using you phone or voice control your

    • Smart TV
    • Smart Vacuum Cleaner
    • Smart AC or transfer your regular AC to Smart one
    •  Smart Washing Machine

  • Smart Locks


    Keys are so 20th century access control is an absolute must in order to provide the best experience for staff, residents and guests inyour community. Keyless entry system! No more managing physical keys!

    Remotely lock/unlock Enter using a pin code or mobile phone

  • Smart Plugs and Outlets

    Forget to unplug the iron this morning?   Smart plugs (and power outlets) are an easy and affordable way to upgrade ordinary appliances  he best smart plugs and power strips let you control anything you can plug into the wall from your phone

  • Voice Control

    Want to turn the light off or on , but you really don’t want to get out of bed? want to change the song while you are cooking , but you’re already elbow deep in the mixing bowl? Have no fear — voice-controlled home automation devices are here.

  • Smart Lights

    Control color temperature, brightness and set up
    scenes to automate the perfect lighting for your

  • Leak Sensors


    Prevent damage and save money with sensors
    designed to notify you at the first sign of a leak.

  • Smart Hubs

    Smart Hubs are the brain of the operation and
    connect all of your smart devices to SmartRent
    software. Each home is equipped with one as part of
    the installation package.

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